STORY OF RAHEEM: A journey from skepticism to supporting the Leader (Dr JP)

On Mon, Feb 17, 2014 Hyma wrote:

Story of raheem, an auto driver at custom basthi

His journey from skepticism in 2012 to gifting Dr JP the auto driver dress and skull cap yesterday.


What does it really take to win their hearts.

1) Consistent ground work: They have seen us in news papers for the past 2 years and know that we are serious in solving peoples issues.

2) Ability to fight for their rights: After the petrol attack on me at syamalakunta, I got a call from Raheem's basthi men that they want my help in fighting for their local issue

3) Fighting for their cause and giving them space in the party: Raheems basthi men are suffering from a false police case. We are fighting to get the cases lifted.Met the DGP, will be meeting the Commissioner tomorrow, have a health camp at their basthi tomorrow and joined their youth as party members