Lok Satta Party Candidates (Telangana Region)

The following is the list of candidates for the general elections in Telangana:

Lok Satta Party Candidates (Telangana Region)


LokSatta 2nd list for 2014 Elections released

Watch Eela Satta Live @ Jubliee Hills

Link -

Campaign video for Sanathnagar

From: Hyma Praveen

Loksatta Hyma for MLA- Vote for whistle

Thanks to song- lyric -Naveen, Music-GVN Gowtham, Siinger-Jai Srinivas and from Sravanthi PFL for conceiving and Santosh babu ranganayakula for overall coordination.

I don't know any one of them in person , our only bonding is Loksatta. It did not cost a single rupee for me to come up with the song. All the credit goes to single man who has motivated us to change the nation Dr JP.

Dilip's New Jersey event covered by TV9

Here is the link to Dilip's fund raising event in New Jersey.TV9 gave us decent coverage.Great job PFL NJ team.

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