Save Schools Project - Give a chance to girl students who want to study and achieve their dreams in Malkajgiri Constituency.

Educationists see a direct link between high dropout rates and absence of toilets in schools. It may sounds incredible, but that’s the bitter truth of a ‘happening’ city which takes pride in hosting global conferences. Data shows “Nearly 65 per cent of girls’ schools have no toilets” in Hyderabad. If you have tears, prepare to shed them now. Yes, the state of government schools in the city warrants an emotional outburst. If they remain unattractive and appalling, it is more for want of basic amenities than any pedagogic lapse.

Attack on Sanathnagar leader Hyma Praveen

What happened?

Hyma was attacked on Dec 7th night at around 8:30pm when she was alone in her car near her house. Some one approached her on a bike and tapped the window. When she rolled down the glass window, he threw Petrol on her face.

AAP's win in Delhi

On Dec 9th, 2013 by V. Chowdary Jampala

="V.Since Aam Aadmi Party (AAP) achieved its phenomenal victory in Delhi, I read several comments comparing it to the relative lack of success of the Lok Satta Party (LSP). Many of the sympathizers of LSP are flagellating themselves agonizing over its lack of similar success. The many detractors of LSP are having a field day with their analyses about what is wrong with JP and LSP. I do not believe that either is warranted.

I am celebrating, and I believe that every sympathizer of Lok Satta movement and Lok Satta Party should celebrate the victory of Aam Aadmi Party in Delhi.

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