Dr. JayaPrakash Narayan visit to St LOUIS, USA

"You can take out an Indian out of India ,but you cannot take India from an Indian(Jai Hind)"with these words Dr. Jayaprakash Narayanconcluded his speech in St.Louis, final stop in his "Rejuvenate India"campaign that started on May 4th.

Addressing over 200 NRIs in a an event organized by Gullapalli Srinivas, he mentioned that there is choice to make change in twenty years or in 100 years and expressed that he has confidence that Indians raise up to challengeDr. Jayaprakash Narayan, President of Lok Satta Party India and Mr.Vijay Anand, Lok Satta Tamilnadu President toured the U.S.A. for a month on invitation from "People For Loksatta", a non profit political organization.

They kicked off the tour with student and professional meets in Boston university campuses. Later, in the week, the duo attended public forums at Connecticut, Boston and NewJersey which were all attended by over 250 people at each venue. Washington DC,where they interacted with 400 NRIs on issues ranging from corruption to statehood was their last stop in east coast journey. These events were coordinated by Manasa Mahati, Vinod Bandi, Ramanaidu and AnilAtyam. Dr. JP proposed proportional representation and decentralization as solutions to challenges India is facing.The duo headed to Chicago on May 14th to meet business professionals at Chicago Booth Leadership summit.

Later, they attended public forum of 400 NRIs organized Naga Mallempudi and Praveen Balineni at Aurora temple. Dr. JP started concentrating on issues related to economy and technology from here and the theme continued at Stanford conference and talk on "19th century economics and 21st century politics" atGoogle head quarters at Mountain View. He emphasized that India can be the second wealthy country in the world after China, if we all stand united. The duo, after Chicago, attended a Seattle event organized by Kiran Indukuri and a Los Angeles event organized Swaroop Epuri. Each of these events were attended by over 250 people. The campaign reached its peak, when more than 1000 people attended a public speech at Sunnyvale Temple in bay area.

This is less common for non cultural events in the middle of technology hub. The tour continued with successful meetings at Atlanta, Dallas and Houston which were organized by Ramgopa Madarapul, Saitej Kambampati and Raghava Solipuram.Varma from Los Angeles, Kapil from New Jersey, Ravindra from Fremont and Dinesh from Houston told that they got opportunity to connect with many people across the states and communities during the trip and to nurture their leadership skills. They mentioned that whether it is universities, auditoriums, companies or just luncheons, the trip made a great impact and inspiration on non resident Indians and told that they will use this momentum to strengthen their organization.

People for Loksatta thanks all the Attendees who attended the event and the sponsors who helped in organizing this "Rejuvenate India" campaign and special thanks to the MEDIA which played a prominent role in making this event success before and after the event