Debate with Dilip Sankarreddy collected $5000+ donations

Thanks everyone who joined the debate and took personal time to meet Dilip Sankarreddy. Pictures of both Tustin and Simi Valley are available at The Simi Valley debate was more interactive with lot of questions from the audience. Some of the question and answers are provided later in this email.

We managed to raise $5000+ donations during both the events.

Thanks for coming forward with valuable donations and I appreciate everyone supporting CLEAN POLITICIS and right candidates FOR A CHANGE. Special thanks to Dharma Reddy, Ramesh Kothamurthy, Chenna Kesav, Chandra Nangineni & Suresh Babu Ayinampudi who came forward with major donations.

Loksatta Party is proud to say that we are completely transparent in election spending and  the only political party in India that will disclose the details of all donations received on our website. Please donate the amount you pledged at Till now we raised ₹ 1,17,14,424.30 One can track all the donations received at Most of you want to donate money for Dilip Sankarreddy but based on the alliances things may change. Please refer to question #4 for more details.

Following are some common questions asked during our debate.

#1 – Why can’t Lok Satta Party pull more people for Public Events?
Watch the video for first few minutes and you will find the answer

#2 – Why Lok Satta Party news are not covered in Media?
We all agree that media is biased, but we have social media to spread a word. Please like our following pages on Facebook and get regular updates and share with your friends.

#3 – Why didn't Lok Satta create second level leaders?
Yes we did. Complete list of our second level leaders with their profile and interviews are available at
Like the facebook pages of our second level leaders and know how they fight on local issues. We agree that we are small today, join our team and make it grow it faster.
Local Leaders
and many more..

#4 – Why don’t Lok Satta do alliance with other parties?
As explained we are ready for an alliance with any political party who follow our 4 core principles.

  1. No Dynastic Politics
  2. No Money Power (Vote Buying)
  3. No Freebie Culture
  4. No Sectarianism (Vote bank politics based on caste, religion, region etc)

One attend from Simi Valley debate mentioned that Lok Satta Party can alliance only with one and only one party i.e. Lok Satta Party. Not true, Lok Satta bounden duty as political party is to moderate the extremes and enrich the agenda for growth and development. At present Lok Satta Party is willing to alliance with any parties who is promising Good Governance, Development of India and Better opportunities for Youth. Stay tuned for more updates from Dr JP on Lok Satta Party alliances..

This is the first time PFL hosted an event in Simi Valley and we personally thank Chandra Nangineni, Anil Narisetti & Vijay Kasanagottu for taking personal time to help with Simi Valley event.