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This page is created to address the needs of existing volunteers to document and share best practices with others. It also serves as an excellent resource to help train new volunteers and quickly ramp up & contribute to several initiatives People For Loksatta undertakes.


Volunteer Guide

A volunteer handbook containing a section wise list of several volunteer activities, resources & tools that can be employed and guidelines to follow.

Task List

A section wise list of pending tasks that need volunteer attention and help. Also feel free to submit a task that your project needs help with. Someone who has free cycles and interest can chime in.

PFL Dropbox

Looking for a temporary location where anyone can upload and anyone can change content? PFL dropbox might be helpful.

PFL Library

Access Volunteers related material or templates etc from PFL Library

Also check PFL Web Library

How to take credit card payments during PFL events?

Your chapter is in need of any device to take PFL Donations or membership fee directly from visitors credit card to PFL Account? Follow these simple steps.

PFL Groups

Visit [PFL Groups] on PFL website for details. Check this wiki for any further guidelines.

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