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File an RTI application in 5 simple steps

  1. Identify the department/subject of your query. Is it a state or a central subject? Keep in mind that different rules apply even though they fall under the same Act.
  2. Do a little background research. Find out what information falls under the purview of the department concerned.
  3. Phrase your questions wisely and precisely. Ask for a copy of the documents. Fill up the RTI application form (application form given).
  4. Attach court fee stamp or Indian Postal Order of worth Rs 10 with the application and keep a copy of it with you for future reference.
  5. Post your application or hand it over personally to the ‘TAPAL” also called as Inward/Outward section of the respective department.


NRI Pointers

  1. Indians abroad can file RTI applications using e-postal orders
  2. You can by E-IPO from epostoffice

General Pointers

  1. RTI Portal
  2. Online RTI

Anonymous RTI

  1. Home Page
  2. How does RTI Anonymous work?
  3. RTI Templates
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