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Jagadheeswaran D
[[Image:|center||Jagadheeswaran D]]
Birth date:
Education:B.E(Mechanical) Engineer

Jagadheeswaran is the President of Lok Satta Party Tamil Nadu unit.


Early life

He was born in Pudukkottai in Tamil Nadu. He is a B.E (Mechanical Engineering) graduate from Thiagarajar College of Engineering and settled in Chennai for the past 8 years. His ideology is "from the day a child comes into the world till death, it is politics that shapes one's life. But not many are passionate about politics because of the way it exists. Ignoring anything does not give you results and fighting against that will yield the results probably not for me but for the generations to come". Jagadheeswaran realized this towards the end of his college days, planned his life in such a way that he would settle his family and then become a politician to bring the 'change'. Worked with TCS, CTS for the past 8 yrs, started couple of NGOs helping economically downtrodden people, was in US for 3 yrs during his employment met US Politicians to learn the way it’s been run there, came back to India, got married to a girl who understood his passion.

Political Involvement

He got associated with Lok Satta where he met other like-minded, passionate persons and a great leader Dr.JP to work with and quit his job.

Loksatta Party

Currently he focuses all his time on bearing the responsibilities of President of the Lok Satta Tamil Nadu Unit. He contested for Chennai Mayor in the 2011 elections.



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