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Beginner Users

If you are a beginner user, using the 'Party Leader Profile' template is the easiest way to create a new Leader Profile. Search for the title of the new page you want to create in the search box, and click the 'create this page' link. Simply copy and paste the following format in the edit box of the new article you want to create. Edit the necessary information to the right of equal sign, and you are done! Click the 'Save Page' button at the end of the page to save your changes.

If you are a beginner user, you can use this form to edit the Wiki article very easily. 
Simply edit the relevant information after the equal sign. Once you are done with your editing, 
simply click the 'Save Page' button at the bottom of the screen to save the article. 
Advanced users can change this article by including other mediawiki features instead of 
using 'Party Leader Profile' template. 

{{Party Leader Profile
| name                   = Name 
| image                  = -
| image_size             = -
| birth_date             = Birth Date 
| occupation             = Occupation
| education              = Education
| website                = Website
| email                  = Email
| phone                  = Phone
| address                = Address
| brief_introduction     = Brief introduction
| early_life_and_family  = About early life, family, education and other personal achievements
| political_involvement  = About political involvement and other public activities
| role_in_loksatta_party = About the role in Loksatta party
| media_links            = Links to media
| related_pages          = Related Pages

[[Category:Party Leader]][[Category:New]]
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