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Policy Problems:

These are from the popular Swaminathan Report (Jai Kisan: A Draft National Policy For Farmers - Fourth Report), Mohan Kanda Report on Crop Holiday, inputs from LSP leaders, farmers' leaders and from wide discussions in People For Loksatta members.

1.Exports: Liberate the farming sector by promoting free market, and removing restrictions on exports.
2.Minimum Support Price: Determine MSP based on the cost+50% more . Consider cost of living when determining MSP . MSP should be annouced for crops other than rice and wheat
3.Water: Effective water supply by irrigation projects and dependable electricity supply. Have a Policy of Water for Agriculture. Promote seawater farming for coastal area
4.Labor: Agriculture should be covered in NREGS
5.Political Reservations: Farmers/labor should have political reservations
6.Production: Reduce Cost of production by promoting organic way of farming
7.Help Centers: Agriculture Service Center at mandal level for farmers education about the best ways to grow and what to grow for maximum profit. These should act as advisory councils for the farmers in the areas of

  • 1) What crop to grow
  • 2) Finance
  • 3) Debt consolidation
  • 4) Low cost farming and
  • 5) Lively-hood etc

8.Agro Machinery Leasing: Subsidies to the agriculture machinery for lease, to be given out by Agriculture Service Centers .
9.Cold Storages: Encourage Cold Storage by giving subsidies to the investors. Allow outside investments.
10.MNCs: Make Multi National Companies accountable for promising high yield from Hybrid seeds. They should also be made to declare net income per hectare, not just net yield per hectare. Price of the seeds and fertilizers by MNCs should be monitored and controlled .
11.Seeds: The government must urgently intervene to ensure that quality seed and other inputs reach farmers at affordable costs and at the right time and place. The punishment to sale selling fake seeds must be very stringent
12.Insurance: Reform current crop-insurance to increase the scope. Introduce an integrated Parivar Bima Policy for the rural poor for providing hospitalization expenses, life cover for deaths/disabilities and cover for dwelling units. This should be linked to self-help groups and largely funded by the contribution of Members. Set up a Rural Insurance Development Fund for promoting insurance coverage. Agri-risk Fund should be introduced to cover the areas in our country, which have recurrent and frequent drought/floods etc, which cripple the incomes of the farmers .
13.Land Acquisition: Land Acquisition should be done after consensus from the villages and should be paid 200% percent of the market price. If no development projects are built in the land, the land should be returned to the village without taking the money back .
14.Soil: Soil tests and land usage must be studied and farmers should be advised on effective crop to grow. Farmers should be advised on how to revitalize the soil. These tests must be conducted on a regular basis. Issue Soil Health Passbook to every farm family based on an integrated analysis of the physical, chemical and microbiological properties of the soil
15.Interest: Farmers should be given least interest rates when compared with the other new industries .
Amendment to Acts/legal instruments: The Essential Commodities Act and other legal instruments including the State Agriculture Produce Marketing Committee Acts [APMC Acts] relating to marketing, storage and processing of agriculture produce need to be reviewed in order to meet the requirements of modern agriculture and attracting private capital in this sector