Hyma Sagi

imgProfession: Software Engineer

Family: Husband Praveen, Kids Abhi and Cheluvi

Education: Masters in Engineering from University of Toledo, OH

Bachelors in Engineering from JNTU kukatpally

About my association with Loksatta: Been involved with loksatta and PFL for the past two years (2009).Very proud to be associated with PFL as I had the opportunity to meet passionate ,sincere and inspiring individuals working for a CHANGE

How do I fit the VP -Event management position: I have been passionate about managing events right from my Bachelors days. I conducted Ek minute show with 500 people withina 2 day notice and minimum resources. I took active role in PFL Anti corruption bill campaign and worked as a logistics coordinator for Dr JP's USA visit

What will I bring to the table: My passion and commitment I will contribute my expertise in planning and managing the events. I will make sure that events are publicized andcovered by the media

My long term vision:
To attract committed and talented individuals in to PFL..
To motivate and keep the PFL volunteers and involve them in various events.
To build a better India with the help of NRIs.

Contact No :

Contact times:
8 am -2 pm monday thru friday
12 noon- 8 pm on weekends

LSP, PFL Supporters, please send your suggestions or If you want to suggest any Event for LSP,PFL and Our Countrys Betterment to This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.