Dr. JayaPrakash Narayan visit to Atlanta and Texas

Atlanta,May 28th 2010 :
Addressing over 250 NRIs in a public event organized in Atlanta as a part of ‘Rejuvenate India’ campaign, Dr. Jayaprakash Narayan expressed his confidence that if we are united, we can make Indian Economy to be one among the world’s top economies by 2039 (with a 15 to 18 percent GDP), Second only to China. He mentioned that, 63 years ago, India's GDP was

at 2% and today it is still at 2%. He emphasized the importance of Decentralization of Economy and Power and the need to bring positive changes in the Electoral System.

Dr. Jayaprakash Narayan, President of LokSatta Party India and Mr.VijayAnand, LokSatta Tamilnadu President attended two successful events in Atlanta USA during May 28th and 29th of 2010 to interact with local supporters and enthusiasts. About 75 professionals attended the private meeting and more than 250 people attended the public event. These events were coordinated by Ramgopal. The events were streamed live over the Internet and over 45 guests viewed the event remotely.

Mr.Vijay Anand, Lok Satta Tamilnadu President talked about Anti Corruption Measures, Efforts of Loks Satta in bringing a positive change, among other topics. He expressed confidence that Lok Satta has the potential to form the government in Tamilnadu in 2016. Dr. JP recollected former American president, and Georgia Resident Jimmy Carter's Integrity and Honesty and how he bounced back from various set backs. He expressed complete confidence that we can create a better future for India, in spite of the task at hand being monumental, if we all work together.

Dallas, Texas May 30th 2010 :
Speaking to the Indian community in the greater Dallas area in two separate events Dr. JP saluted the NRIs for the confidence and prestige they gave to India and the role they played in altering the image of India overseas. He urged the NRIs to celebrate their Indian identity, rise above the petty differences of region, language, caste or religion. He said that we have been given this second window of opportunity after missing the Industrial Revolution and can’t let this moment pass. Mr. Vijay Anand explained why Lok Satta had to become a political party instead of remaining an NGO, that 10000 NGOs can’t transform India without the Government playing its designated role.

Ananth coordinated the first event, a ticketed meet and greet lunch event was attended by more than 230 people. The second event, a public event coordinated by SaiTej, was attended by 400 people. He answered the questions of the audience on various wide ranging topics like, solutions to corruption, how NRIs can contribute, five things that will bring about change, secularism, foreign policy towards Pakistan and China, women in politics, the Telangana issue, and establishing a National think-tank and a national judicial commission along with a host of other things.

Houston,Texas,May 31st 2010 :
In Houston, Dr. JP reiterated the importance of creating a new political culture where people need not spend crores of rupees to win an election. Dr. JP emphasized the need for substantial technological transformation for the growth of India and.For an answer to question Dr JP says that population growth in india will be an asset if we make them potential by providing them good health and better education.He finally quoted that Unity in Diversity is the India’s and an Indian strength and the crowd cheered when Dr. JP said, ‘You can take an Indian out of India but not India out of an Indian’. Mr. Vijay Anand mentioned that more than the terrorists, Maoists, and politicians, the most dangerous thing for India is that the rest of the Indians being silent. Hyma Praveen, Houston chapter president said that their chapter lead the phone campaign successfully in support of anticorruption bill supported by Lok Satta party and will fight until the bill is passed in the Assembly. Raghava Solipuram, vice president of Houston chapter, coordinated both the fund raising lunch and public events, attended by 75 and 250 people respectively.