PFL Groups

People For Loksatta majorly having below basic and most active groups. Check which groups are suitable for you.


Join [impactloksatta] by click on!forum/impactloksatta/join

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Why to join Groups?

Supporters look for updates from PFL, Volunteers need forums for discussion as well as for communications. As a non-profit organization (runs only on pledges and membership fee) its important to relay on free tools rather than expensive mass mailing tools

  • 3 major PFL groups
    • ----Global communication group [loksatta_usa]
    • ----All volunteers discussion group [impactloksatta]
    • ----PFL past and current leaders group [teamleaders]
  • Supporters starts with [loksatta_usa] and then as volunteer joins in [impactloksatta] and as lead joins in [teamleaders] (i.e., to be part of teamleaders, one should be part of above two)
  • All global announcements are sent only to [loksatta_usa] group (Recommended for supporters & must for volunteers/leads)
  • PFL wide discussions are only part of [impactloksatta] group (Must join for volunteers)
  • Chapter/team planning initiatives are part of [teamleaders] group (Must join for elected leads)
  • While joining, groups allows you to set your incoming e-mail frequency (no-mail, daily summary, combined, daily summary etc). Last option is recommended.

Join [impactloksatta] by click on!forum/impactloksatta/join

Join [loksatta_usa] by clicking on

Groups and purpose in detail

Group NameJoin HerePurpose
Loksatta_USA group LokSatta_usa Global Communication Group:

This group is for PFL members, volunteers, supporters and for general public (NRI's). Intended only for PFL general Press releases, global communications like meetings, notifications etc. No one can post except Moderators. Others, send your content to Central VP Media ( This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. ) or through "PFL Help Desk" for consideration to publish in this group

a) One way communication from PFL to Users (Users can not post) for PFL updates
b) Frequency: Aprox 2 mails per week

a) Any NRI who supports PFL/Loksatta ideology or who want to know about PFL efforts. You don't have to be a Member or Volunteer.

Impact Loksatta (Discussions Group) impactloksatta Global Discussion Group:

This group is for PFL Volunteers around the world. Use it to publish volunteer updates, share Ideas, get opinions, discuss issues, finalize solutions and to execute them as individual or as group which benefit Loksatta Party. Users of this group can post to the group directly.


a) Criticism for any idea or solution must be backed by facts/solid reasoning
b) All ideas must be within legal ambit of India and country of origin (UK, USA, Australia etc). ideas must be promoted by reasoning and possible solutions that can make lok satta party more powerful.
c) Please Avoid personal attacks on anybody within or outside of loksatta.
d) Please Avoid religious discussions in this group.
e) Focus on solutions to problems.

a) Should be part of loksatta_usa group (Not to miss PFL Global communications and not to duplicate mails to multiple groups)
b) Should be a Donor or Volunteer or Member

Teamleaders Group pfl_teamleaders

New to PFL? skip this leads section

PFL TeamLeads Group:

It’s a private group. This group is for PFL Teamleaders only. People have to be invited to join. All previous & current, nominations filed & elected members of all e-boards, Project leads, central board nominated chapter representatives where elections have not been held are eligible.


a) Content which need to be customized by leads to spread locally among groups/chapters
b) Communications related to one or few chapters and/or teams
c) Critical and/or confidential discussions which benefit PFL and LSP

a) Should be a PFL Member
b) Should be part of loksatta_usa group
c) Should be part of impactLoksatta group