What are the membership types for People for Lok Satta?

There is only one membership type. Anyone can become a PFL member by paying $50/year or $25 for six months.

How to become a member of People for Lok Satta?

You can become a PFL Member by paying $50/year or $25 for six months. Membership is offered for students for 25$/year. With a one time contribution of 250$, members can sign up for Lifetime Membership.

What are the modes of payment for membership?

Membership fee can be paid online through paypal gateway at peopleforloksatta.org.

Who can become a PFL member?

Any person, anywhere in the world, who is a well wisher of India can become a PFL member.

What are the advantages of becoming a member of PFL?

Members of PFL can stand for office within the organization. Members can vote to elect PFL office bearers at the National and Chapter levels. Membership can also be considered to be a form of donation to PFL.

More importantly, members hold flagpost of PFL and will be proud sponsors of the change in governance India deserves. Members will have firsthand knowledge of the leaders in PFL and LSP who are dedicated and have the best qualities to lead the Nation. By becoming a member you will be directly supporting the credible and selfless leaders being nurtured by PFL and LSP to run the country in the future.

What are the roles and responsibilities of a PFL member?

Members are responsible to up-hold the vision and mission of People for Lok Satta. Members should not misuse the identity of PFL membership to generate monetary benefits for personal use. Members should have highest moral and ethical standards when they hold the PFL membership.

How is the membership amount spent by PFL?

All funds (donations, membership fees) raised for PFL by the chapters will be transferred to Central level. 30% of the money remains at the Central level for expenditures decided at Central Level and the rest is again allocated to those particular chapters where the money is raised from. The chapters can avail their allocated share, whenever they need it for their activities.

Whom to contact for membership related questions?

Please contact This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it

How will I be followed-up after taking the membership?

PFL will send you updates through email on the functioning and events of the organization. You will also be part of the local PFL chapter and will be invited for the events within the Chapter.

Why donate to PFL?

To cover the expenses incurred to spread the awareness of Lok Satta all over the world. Lok Satta cannot spend its funds to create awareness of the party outside India. So, PFL fills this gap.
Also, well-wishers of Lok Satta who are not Indian citizens cannot donate to Lok Satta. So they can choose donate to PFL instead, if they want to be part of Lok Satta movement.

What is the bank details of PFL for donations by bank-to-bank transfers?

Check payable to: People for Lok Satta
Bank Name: Chase Bank
Account Name: People For Lok Satta
Account No: 4951625587
Branch: California State, US
Type of account: Checking
ABA Routing/Transit Number: 322271627
You can also deposit cash or drop your check at your local branch of Chase Bank. Please consider to write your email address on your check to facilitate future communication
Or you can post your check to the following address:
People For Lok Satta
PO Box 1701
Newark, CA 94560

Are donations in the name of PFL tax exempt?

Donations to PFL are not tax-exempt to the donor.

What is the TAX ID of the PFL?

Employer Identification Number (Tax ID) of PFL is 26-4394512

Does PFL entitled to pay taxes on the membership fees and donations collected?

PFL does not pay taxes on the money collected. If we were not a nonprofit organization, the money collected would have been treated as revenue and taxes paid on it. PFL is a nonprofit organization.

When was PFL formed?

PFL started as an informal group in United States in 2002 to support the Lok Satta Movement. PFL was registered as a nonprofit in US on March 6, 2009.

What is the slogan of People for Lok Satta?

"Leadership for Change" is the slogan of People for Lok Satta. PFL serves as a platform to nurture future leaders of Indian political system. PFL believes that the best way to strengthen India is to participate and make better the Indian political system.

How are the funds allocated within PFL?

30% of all funds (donations, membership fees) raised by the chapters will be transferred to Central Fund and the rest is allocated to those particular chapter funds where the money is raised from.

What is the privacy policy for PFL members?

The list of members of PFL will not be made public. However, all members of PFL will have access to following details of every other member of PFL: name, membership ID, email ID and chapter to which the member belongs to.

What is the privacy policy for PFL donors?

The donor details will not be made public. Only the PFL Finance Team will have access to donor details and they may share the details of the donors only with the respective chapter coordinators, so that the particular chapter can build relationship with the donors. If the donor insists that his details are not to be disclosed to the chapter in whose jurisdiction his place of residence falls under, then PFL Finance Team will respect the donor's intention. Donor information will be submitted to Internal Revenue Service​, an United States government agency, as per legal requirements stipulated for nonprofits registered in USA.

Why membership is set to auto-renewal and how to cancel auto-renew option?

For member convenience and to avoid manual renewals, your account marked for auto-renewal upon expiration. At any time you can cancel auto-renew by logging in to http://peopleforloksatta.org -> right hand side membership login section -> Membership tab -> click on “Cancel recurring”

What is the membership refund policy of PFL?

see PFL Refund Policy for details

What is the donation refund policy of PFL?

see PFL Refund Policy for details

What are the PFL Finance Rules for Chapters?

Read complete list from https://docs.google.com/document/d/19wkpKlcu4euLwD80mW5fDTcwaw1VAyFsEBLJ8IkCDT4/edit?authkey=CPbJ644I&hl=en_US&authkey=CPbJ644I

What are PFL wide Finance Rules?

Read the complete list of rules formed by PFL as non-profit organization from https://docs.google.com/document/d/1GJfpJum1E-hlgnjzFbUUt2_6SLTXwVJb1oc4P2swrYc/edit?authkey=CPLQv6QG&hl=en_US&authkey=CPLQv6QG