Dr. JayaPrakash Narayan visit to New Jersey and DC

Dr.JP invites the best and brightest to Lead India
Dr.JP as part of “Rejuvenate India” series at New Jersey and Virginia invited the best and the brightest to lead India. He addressed an audience of 350 people to a standing ovation at both the places, as he concluded the series in East Coast.

Dr. JP urged to remove the shame associated with the word ‘politics’ and exhorted to make it noble once again as was done by great leaders like Washington, Jefferson, Lincoln, and Gandhi. He noted, in a true democracy, Politics is about promoting human happiness and reconciling conflicts in a peaceful and democratic fashion. He said narcissism of petty differences must give way to collective work with common purpose, a vision of dream much bigger than us.


He explained India has seen a large galaxy of leaders who fought for its independence many of whom studied abroad. They were the brightest of the brightest and privileged of privileged, many of them came back for fighting for independence of India and the nation was built. Similar to those days he asked the NRI’s to come forward and join hands with people back home to work towards a better India. He asked best and brightest to take politics as a calling and not as business. While quoting Margaret he said “Small group of thoughtful committed individuals can change the world”.

The greatest hurdle to India’s transformation is the first-past-the-post electoral system, which comes in the way of people voting for the right person. The country can be transformed in no time with a switch over to the proportional representation system. The second hurdle is the reluctance of the best and the brightest to take to politics as a calling and not as a career. So long as the middle classes do not go to the polling booth, there can be no change in the country.

He stated that the personal involvement of NRI’s is as important as their monetary contributions