Dr. JayaPrakash Narayan visit to Chicago

Dr. Jayaprakash Narayan had an eventful day in Chicago on May 15, 2010, as he continued to inspire Indians and Indian origin people to serve the country as part of his “Rejuvenate India” campaign in US. The day comprised of meetings with prominent Chicago-based Indians, panel discussion at, India Leadership Summit organised by University of Chicago Booth School of Business and a Loksatta awareness public event.Early in the day, he met a group of community leaders in Chicago led by Mr. Imtiyazuddin a strong supporter of Foundation of Democratic Reforms in India (FDRI), a nonprofit where a number of Lok Satta leaders have been contributing immensely.


Later JP spoke at Tata India Leadership Summit at Chicago Booth. He articulated that reforms are necessary for accelerating the growth of India.He stressed the importance of Health and Education reforms. He reminded everyone present that India which is ready for 21st century development, is still languishing in 19th century political mindset . Fielding various questions on reforms from the talented gathering, JP gave them hope that in coming years, reforms in Indian Government Administration are bound to happen, paving way for highly skilled and patriotic professionals in Indian administration on short-term basis.

Later that evening, JP presided over a public meeting organized by People for Loksatta (PFL) at Velachamy Auditorium at Aurora, near Chicago. The hall was completely packed with 450 people. Dr. Ramaraja Bhushanudu Yalavarthi, welcomed the audience. The meeting was presided by Dr. Chowdary Jampala, who introduced the audience to Lok Satta and People for Loksatta.

The audience went electric, when dr. JP came to speak.There was a huge applause and a standing ovation. Dr. Jp started off by thanking all the people in the audience for their time on a beautiful Chicago day.He went on to appreciate the NRI community, for their resolve and the brand image of India which they have created.

Dr.JP shared his experiences of a visit to the Chicago Indian Consulate.Dr.JP said that the working of the Consulate gave him great pleasure and pride.He cited it as a perfect model for all government offices in India and elsewhere.He expressed confidence that if it can happen in Chicago Consulate, there was no doubt that it can be done in any other Indian Government office. He went on to say that it is Indians who make it possible in the consulate, and it is Indians back home who can do it.

Dr.JP made some references to the Historic nature of Chicago and the great Swami Vivekananda's trip here.He then went on to the topic of corruption and mentioned that many cities battled and came clean from corruption, and it can be possible in India too. He stressed the need for severe consequences if found guilty of corruption, like it happens in US or other western societies. Pointing that, there is greater motivation to be corrupt than be clean in the society due to lack of sufficient punishment, called for an action against corruption

Dr. JP moved onto talking about what we have to do to become a great nation. For this he cited that Emerging economic forum recently published that India can become second largest economy in the world by 2040. Dr.JP said for us to reach that goal we need to get five things reasonably right and we can be one of the greatest economies in the world.Dr.JP then stressed the need for reforms and empowerment of local bodies. He also mentioned the need for administrative and police reforms. The next thing he said which was needed was to eliminate corruption. Dr. JP said that India had missed the boat of Industrial revolution once and we cannot afford to loose such an opportunity again. We should make Dr.JP advocated for the change to proportional electoral system and strong progress in education which will fuel technological development. He mentioned that people often asked him "why" Lok Satta lost the elections despite being such a clean party. Dr. JP's response

"If providing a clean alternative platform is a sin , I am guilty".

He expressed deep concern that if the opportunites for children are based on the circumstances at birth, it is very difficult to achieve great feats. Dr.JP felt it is victory which matters, more than the players.

Mr.Vijay Anand, speaking at the occasion gave a call to action for NRIs. Mr.Vijay Anand decided to give up his career in Software Engineering in US, and moved to Tamil Nadu India to start a Non profit organisation called fifthe pillar.He is currently the president of Loksatta Tamil Nadu Unit.He went on to describe the goals of lok Satta tamil Nadu.Hepointed the audience to some uncomfortable but true facts, and called for action from the NRI community citing that many of great Indian leaders were once upon a time NRIs.

Mr. Dilip SankarReddy the chair of the PFL finance team gave information on PFL. He touched upon the financial aspects of fund raising, importance of member contributions for sustaining the party and PFL, keeping the organizations free from Black Money.

The meeting swung into a spirited question answer session.The meeting saw everyone leave with enthusiasm and with a feeling of great message. The meeting was a grand success by all yardsticks, made possible by volunteers, meticulous in their execution, polite in their demeanor and energetic throughout the evening.