PFL's First National Convention in New Jersey

People For Lok Satta (PFL) held its first national convention in Edison, New Jersey on March 23rd and 24th 2013. Around seventy members from Boston, Chicago, Los Angeles, New Jersey, San Francisco Bay Area, Seattle, and Washington D.C., gathered for two days to celebrate the fourth anniversary of the organisation and discussed about party internal elections and future plans to win at least four constituencies in 2014.

On the first day, Dinesh Pagadala and Sreekanth Kocharlakota presented a video to showcase the three successful activities undertaken by PFL in first two years - Rejuvenate India, NRI absentee voting rights and 240 mile Dandi-March-2 walk, that make all NRIs proud. They also presented on how to utilize social media for social change and strategies on how to improve the skills it is lacking.

PFL invited general public for the evening event and its leaders Suresh Ediga and Rajani Karuturi with the help of coach-K organized public speaking competition for kids on the topic ‘reviving social legacy’. The program was followed by interactive discussion with esteemed guests assemblyman Chivukula Upendra, Rutgers professor Golbarg Bashi, Humanist Innaiah Narisetti and Councilmember Sudhanshu Prasad. The topics covered included gender bias in society, Arab spring revolutions and political awareness in society.

Morning session of the second day convention include induction of new E-board with Rajani Karuturi as President by election commissioner Sarvani Piratla and appreciation of PFL volunteers by Prasanna Meda, sitting president and Jawahar Kambhampati, sitting vice president of projects. Awards are given to all PFL members who put efforts in last two years in various constituency projects and PFL infrastructure. Everybody expressed their wish to continue their efforts. 

Sundeep Pattem organized presentation and discussion series about constituency promotion project (cpp) for four constituencies in last two years. Prakash Kapila and his team explained about victories achieved in Vizag and Rayadurgam. Sravanth Yalamanchili explained the work undertaken by Dilip Shankar Reddy in Malkajgiri and Pradeep Chukkapalli explained the activities done by Hyma Sagi in Sanath Nagar. Attendees came forward to support the four constituencies and most of them promised to stand by PFL alumni Hyma and Dilip. Manasa Mahati, Srinivas Gullapalli and Sreekanth presented fundraising strategies for LSP. 
Youth leadership summit was held under leadership of Ravindra Nandam on “Current youth role in politics”, and all PFL members under 35 discussed that barring few youth playing a crucial role for most part they are disinterested in politics or blindly following prey to the caste politics. They concluded that it is a great menace to india and took oath against the caste politics. Krishna burugupalli mentioned that Lok Satta is the only party which gives real importance to youth. Bramhani boppudi, Ph.D. student, said that she got inspired from PFL alumni Hyma Sagi and Padma Bhupatiraju and will be moving to India to work for Lok satta. 

A Standing ovation was given by members to past president ,founder member of PFL Prasanna meda,Dandi march-2 Architect Jawahar Kambhampati and Raghava Solipuram,one another member in building the organisation.

New Jersey chapter under the leadership of Srinivas Ranabothu and Srinivas Karuturi organised the convention like high tech professional conference. Events in two days include debates and review meetings, team building and cultural activities and fundraising. The convention concluded with PFL members taking resolution to support LSP in four constituencies in 2014.


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