PFL Round Table Conference on State Bifurcation with NRIs in Dallas

People for Lok Satta (PFL) convened a round-table conference with leaders drawn from Telangana, Coastal Andhra and Rayalaseema regions in Dallas for a constructive discussion on state bifurcation that appears to be “inevitable”. NRI’s from each region their opinion and discuss on the possible solutions. The main objectives of the round-table conference were to discuss; if Hyderabad should be the common capital or other alternative solutions, security for jobs and

assets for people from all regions, sharing educational institutes and other natural resources like water and power, to introspect on who’s responsible for the current situation and how to overcome it in the future and also to discuss on the role of NRI’s in the current Andhra Pradesh (AP) bifurcation crisis.


NRIs had a mixed response of answers for Hyderabad as a common capital. Some wanted a separate capital for Andhra and others suggested that Hyderabad be declared a union territory. Everyone agreed to share Hyderabad’s revenue based on population and debt to be shared based on projects where funds are invested. Security should be provided for everyone on issues related to employment and personal property. Regarding education institutes, quota should be set based on population and inflow of students. Natural resources like water should be shared under strict and stringent rules framed and controlled by the central government. We had a unanimous support on decentralization of administrative power and was accepted as the main reason for the current crisis. When PFL reached out to several NRI’s to participate in the round-table conference, some were only interested in entertainment and cultural events, a few felt that such discussions do not result in personal gains and moreover had the wrong assumption that Dr. Jaya Prakash Narayan was opposing state bifurcation. A need for NRI’s involvement and support in the current AP crisis is much needed and would be appreciated.


Several participants appreciated PFL’s initiative on conducting the round-table conference and also expressed their concerns that other parties have failed to do so. We thank TV5 Media reporter Naseem Shaik , DesiPlaza (Dallas Local media) for media support. PFL Dallas Team members Rajanikanth Errabelly, Ramana Juvvadi were among the organizers and sponsoring this event in Dallas, Texas.



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