PFL representation about NRI Absentee voting rights to Anna Hazare


As you all know that the big happening among the indo-american community was Anna Hazare visit in USA ,Anna Hazare participation in the India-Day Parade was recorded as the one of the biggest among the India-Day Parades in USA.



As Part of his trip Anna Hazare Visited in LA which was Hosted by NRI Samay which was being operated by few of our fellow NRIs .PFL NRIs Meet Hazare and explained about the PFL Support for Anna jis anticorruption movement thru 240 Miles Dandi March-2 , Jawahar Kambhampati one of the 240 Miles walker said that Metting Annaji is an Unforgottable incident in my Life and It was so amazing to meet Annaji. He was so energetic, so positive that change will come.


Another Dandi March-2 Walker Sri Hari Atluri ,Explained the need of the Absentee voting rights for NRIs and Gave a Representation to Anna Hazare .Anna ji agrees that NRIs patriotism and contribution to India is enormous and just like america india also needs absentee voting for NRIs and he promised to do the Needful.


PFL volunteers Sripal and Jawahar explaining about Dandi March – II



Srihari Atluri submitting NRI Voting Rights petition to Anna ji


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