10/100/1000 Campaign for 2014 Elections

Dear Friends,

With support from our own team members that are part of AAP campaign and renewed support from LSP national team, We are kick starting campaign for 2014 elections. Elections are likely to be held on April 10th. So, let's commit next 100 days, to make a difference in AP politics.

 We have Holiday season coming up which is a great time to commit ourselves to something bigger.


Each one of us will promise to Bring 10 friends to PFL, send 100 emails/phone calls to introduce PFL/LSP about this campaign, Raise $1000 By month end.

Lot of stories running in your head about these numbers? I understand. Time to step out of comfort zone, keep our personal interests aside for a short time and just focus on winning elections.

For Donation list visit win.loksatta.org/donate/donations.php

To volunteer visit win.loksatta.org/signup.php and to donate visit win.loksatta.org/donate

Rajani Karuturi
PFL President