Attack on Sanathnagar leader Hyma Praveen

What happened?

Hyma was attacked on Dec 7th night at around 8:30pm when she was alone in her car near her house. Some one approached her on a bike and tapped the window. When she rolled down the glass window, he threw Petrol on her face.

Who is Hyma?

Hyma Praveen is one among us who lived in Texas for 12 years and now working the ground as Loksatta leader to serve the constitution (Sanathnagar) where she was born. She emerged as a strong leader over the past 1 and half year and currently standing by Syamalakunta dwellers who are threatened to evacuate. Someone through petrol on her face on Dec 7th Saturday night while she was in her car at around 8:30 pm.

More about the Incident

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What I can do?

We all know what it takes for an ordinary women, raised in a middle class family, to be a politician. Especially, after living in US with husband and kids. Please raise your voice and support her to avoid future incidents like this.

Campaign Updates

Dec 9th, 2013:

PFL call with Hyma on same call scheduled with Dr. JP

Dec 8th, 2013:

JP holding press conference

Dec 8th, 2013:

FIR filed in Sanathnagar Police Station

Dec 7th, 2013:

Campaign Material for Volunteers

Media Links

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