We demand Safer Hyderabad



What is our Demand?



Install a CCTV surveillance network all over Hyderabad and ensure the safety and security of its citizens.




The recent incident 'Abhaya' once again reminded us the need for effective surveillance mechanism in Hyderabad. Hyderabad being a major metropolis in the world, deserves a wide network of CCTVs that are always in working condition.


One of the reasons for the failure of our investigative agencies is the absence of a wide and effective CCTV network in a growing metropolis like Hyderabad.


There are just 370 CCTV cameras in areas under the jurisdiction of the Hyderabad Police Commissioner and 51 in areas under the jurisdiction of the Cyberabad Police Commissioner. Of them, 34 cameras in Hyderabad and all the 51 in Cyberabad are dysfunctional.


Not a single camera was installed in the years 2011, 2012 and so far during 2013.


In fact during the Biodiversity Conference in 2012, the Hyderabad police had sought Rs.300 crore for installation of 3000 cameras.


Lok Satta party is demanding 3000 CCTV cameras in 30 days


Let us all concerned citizens file a petition demanding AP government to install CCTV's in Hyderabad.


What I can do?



Campaign Updates



Nov 12th, 2013:

Our work is yielding results. This article says government is ready to arrange 3500 CC cameras in installment basis. Finance department agreed to provide funds in installment basis.


Nov 20, 2013:

PFL Contacted multiple CCTV research international organizations for additional information


Nov 14th, 2013:

PFL started a fund raising event for the CCTV campaign related ADs.


Nov 12th, 2013:


Nov 11th, 2013:


Nov 9th, 2013 : TORI Radio exclusive live on Lok satta (LSP) party and CCTV cameras


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LOK SATTA CCTV Campaign Pamphlet


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TORI Radio live on Lok satta (LSP) party and CCTV cameras (TORI Radio)