Politicians land mafia in Hyderabad

Suresh VMRG, A Journalist was working with the local people to bring to justice the greedy corporator of the area - Raju Yadav - who has been trying to usurp the public park land in Venkataramana Colony, Khairatabad. The colony residents led by one of their elderly residents, with the support of Suresh hoisted our Indian flag as a part of the Independence Day celebrations this year. The residents also received the support of our Malkajgiri constituency MLA candidate (Dilip Sankarreddy) who was present at the flag hoisting ceremony. They went ahead with this program defying threats they got from the corporator's goons. After the flag hoisting ceremony, more than 30 goondas arrived at the scene and

started beating up everyone. Suresh was caught by them and they beat him very bad. Not satisfied by this, they also brought down the national flag and took it away. The residents rushed Suresh to the hospital and fortunately he had no life-threatening injuries. This is blatant violation of the law and we as People For LokSatta support the decision of Lok Satta Party to not rest until justice is delivered to the residents of the colony.





Aug 22, 2013

PFL discussed the strategies with Ground Leaders like Katari Srinivasarao, Hyma Sagi,Dosapati Ramu, Dilip Sankarreddy,Suresh VMRG, CVLN Narasimharao and Raj Akula garu.

PFL Supporters and Volunteers were able to pool up donations close to 2 Lakh rupees for fighting against Land grabbing issues and getting the park back for VenkataRamana colony.

We request each one of you to contribute for this battle against the corporator,MLA to get the park back to the people of VenkataRamana colony. Once we win this battle I am sure LSP will get lot of credibility and we can do lot more like this. Lets be part of this history making team, You can contribute money or you can contribute time or develop some tools to assist in this fight or share your ideas. but lets be part of this team.

You can also register your name and email in http://tinyurl.com/lspworldwide to get updates related to this issue and/or to contribute your time or money.


Aug 16, 2013

Global Conf call with LSP leaders & PFL E-board on Land Kabja issues in Hyderabad

Call details

Date & Time: Sat Aug 17, 2013 9:30am – 10:30am (CST)

For USA - Dial:
Access Code: 521733#

International Numbers (Other than US)
South Africa
South Korea 1600-8556
United Kingdom

Access Code: 521733# (Same for US and rest of the countries)


Aug 16, 2013

People For Loksatta started Facebook Event  https://www.facebook.com/events/491490427607065


Aug 15, 2013

Dr. JP and party cadre are starting at party office at 3:30PM IST and going to Venkatramapuram colony at 4:00PM to give support to Suresh and other cadre and announce party activity for next few days on the issue.

Lok Satta leader Suresh Vmrg was assaulted by men of Venkatramapuram corporator Raju Yadav, who is close associate of Congress MLA Danam Nagendar because Suresh disclosed the encroachment details and protested along with colony people. Goons also disturbed the flag hoisting ceremony in park claiming that is their land and threw away the flag - insult on independence day.

Our demands
* Short term: Arrest all goons and suspend corporator.
* Short term: Protect park from encroachment.
* Immediate term: give police protection to Suresh and other fighters.
* Immediate long term: Hyderabad wise measures to protect public parks and lands and LSP's fight.

Request all LSP supporters to assemble at Hyderabad office before 3:30PM and go on rally to Venkatramapuram park.

Ramu Dosapaty - 9000998877
Shivaji Raju - 9949022224


Aug 15, 2013





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