Swarajya Movement

Certain local goals for governance reform were identified on the following criteria:

The goals advocated are:

  • Right to information (more...)
  • Citizen's Charters (more...)
  • Empowerment of local governments
  • Empowerment of stake-holders
  • Access to school education for all
  • Speedy justice through rural courts
  • Toilets for every household


Public opinion is mobilized on a large scale though various mass campaigns:

  • Signature campaigns
  • Public meetings
  • Mass media
  • Silent marches
  • Posters and pamphlets
  • Mobilizing stake-holder groups


Notable successes:

  • In several local offices right to information has been exercised
  • 9 Citizen's Charters have been achieved.(more...)
  • Sarpanches of gram panchayats and municipalities have been successfully mobilized, and government was forced to partially empower local governments.
  • Water Users' Societies (of farmers) and school education committees (of parents) have been given legal recognition.
  • State government responded to pressure by launching a large programme of household toilets.


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