Establishing Instruments of Public Accountability

Citizen's Charters in Andhra Pradesh Municipalities (since inception-2001): Lok Satta​ launched the 'Swarajya' movement in 1998 with the objective of empowering citizens and prompting authorities towards improved public service delivery. This movement led to the then Andhra Pradesh State government establishing Citizen's Charters in nine departments in 2001. There are over 700 charters in various government departments in the country. Lok Satta is currently advocating the strengthening of redressal-compensation mechanisms in those charters.


Right to Information Act (since inception - 2005): Lok Satta's research, advocacy and citizens' campaign efforts in collaboration with other leading civil society organization notably, Mazdoor Kisan Shakti Sanghatan (MKSS) and National Campaign for Promotion of Right to Information (NCPRTI), helped achieve a comprehensive and universal right to access public information, in June 2005. This was preceded by a 'postcard campaign' (in 2004) initiated by Lok Satta; more than 163,000 citizens wrote directly to the Prime Minister​'s Office demanding the immediate implementation of the RTI. With the successful enactment of the RTI bill, Lok Satta, in collaboration with the print and electronic media is currently conducting grassroots campaigns for improving citizen awareness on effectively using the provisions of this law.


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