Empowerment of Local Governments

Little Republics' and '10-million signatures campaign' (2003 onwards) - The year 2003 was celebrated by Lok Satta​ as the year of local governments. In January 2003, a Federation for the Empowerment of Local Governments (FELG) was formed by the elected local government representatives cutting across traditional party lines. Lok Satta and FELG led a sustained advocacy and people's campaign in 2003, culminating in the '10 million signature campaign' (August 9 - October 2, 2003) that secured 1,06,32,816 endorsements from the citizens of Andhra Pradesh who unequivocally demanded the empowerment of their local governments.


Grassroots-level Voter Awareness Campaigns were conducted in 2001, during the run up the elections to Panchayats (rural local governments) and in 2005, for Municipal elections (urban local governments) with the aim of mobilizing public opinion against the influence of money power and criminals in electoral politics.

Date: Fri, 01/01/1999 (All day)