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Success Story - CCTV Security in Hyderabad

​Mon, Jan 27, 2014, Dinesh wrote:

Dear All ,

As you all Know that Loksatta Has been fighting for the CCTV Security in Hyderabad after Dilsukhnagar bomblasts for City and Women Security.

You all know that PFL has been playing a crucial role in this event and Few of our PFL members contributed donation in the form of ideas and money and below is the update.

Total amount contributed was 2 Lakhs 29 Thousand. And he amount spend was first time we advertised in the Radio and it was not as much expected ,as we intially assumed as most people in hyderabad listen radio in cell phones will immediately give missed call but came to know that it went to mass people like saloon people,auto drivers who frequently listen radio which was a good sign.Atleast most people came to know that Loksatta is fighting on this.

Radio ad Voice given by some commericial voice owner which was not effective for political ad and we thought Hyma voice would be apt and finally it came well than the Intial voice over ,you can listen to attachments ,Radio was telecatsed for 30 days daily 8 times.

And was placed on Two bus hoardings which were available and a Big hoarding

And the amount for all above was 1,53.000.which was dircetly paid thru party

And Other than that Ramu garu got written on Various spots on walls on city outskirts as people leaving for sankranti will be back and it was around 5000 Rs and as shown in attachment 200 Autos has banners and cost for that was 10,000 Rs .and miscellinous expense was around 4000.

So total amount spent was 17200 of total collected 229000.

As Prasad garu from accounts department who served LSP for many years left recently from party Autos and wall writing amount wa spent by Ramu garu and need to get clearence as soon as somebody take in charge and we will work with Rajanigaru on this.

And regarding rest of amount we will discuss with donors to use on Next steps.

CCTV status

Govt promised 3 times and stepped back on CCTV's so LSP hyderabad will be including this in manifesto and will continue its fight till we get CCTV's for security and No doubt all people including media now recognized the efforts of Loksatta and tomorrow if they see CCTV they will remember Loksatta.

Missed calls

It is one of the Good campaign which was suggested by PFL to utilized for events and so far we got 18000 Missed calls and as per their observation ads on auto are some good source for this calls.

LSP will decide to further usage of this calls and continuation.

In thi purpose PFL should Pat itself for proposing and acting as main source BEHIND this event ,and special thanks to Pradeep Chukkalapalli ,Event VP who not only donated generous amount of 1,50,000. but also one among who proposed this event.

And It was greatky Driven by Hyderabad Loksatta president Ramu dospaty effectively and got special appreciation from police deparment and support from them as they feel that is needed mandatorly and helpful for them too.

All Hyderabad leaders Hyma,KGR,Sambi reddy etc were actively participated in this.

No doubt all volunteers,donors participated for this will be seeing Security cameras in coming years and you all are part of it.

Will update soon on Next steps as we hear from concern leaders




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